White Castle Veggie Sliders: Do we love them or leave them?


White Castle is pretty famous for their sliders, both in restaurants and in the freezer at your house. Now that the veggie slider is making its way home with you, are you craving it?

I live nowhere near a White Castle restaurant so I know little about those middle of the night adventures to get my cravings settled down. And on top of that, I am a vegetarian, so White Castle really didn’t cross my agenda when the cravings did hit. Until last week.

Finally, I saw what people have been talking about for years. Right there in the freezer at the store, White Castle Veggie Sliders (and Black Bean Sliders, too)! What do you think I did? I ate them, obvi.

So I don’t know about you but I had no idea what it meant that these things were Dr. Praeger’s patties. It’s written right on the box, and I was like, “Oh, I’ve heard of those.” But that is about the extent of my experience with that brand. So, I learned very quickly what that meant when I bit into these dainty little flavor monsters.

There is NO question that these things are made of veggies. Why is there no question? You can literally see the chunks of veggies right in your face when you take a bite. And I’m not playing.

White Castle Veggie Sliders are in your grocer’s freezer. Photo: Bonnie B. Uploaded June 2o, 2019.

I’m talking edamame-bean-is-still-crunchy-level veggie inclusion. White Castle aptly describes these goodies on an early version of the Veggie Slider FAQ: “chock full of vegetables like carrots, zucchini, peas, spinach, broccoli, and more.”

When they were originally introduced in 2014, the sliders were billed as simply vegetarian because the bun was the original slider bun, which is not vegan.

Now that time has passed, efforts have been made, feedback has been received, the bun is also officially vegan. Even PETA has declared its excitement and approval about the change. And since we are living in a very progressive time when it comes to foodies, this is a welcome advancement to many.

The Black Bean Slider is equally exciting, and I have yet to give that one a shot. If you are full of adventure and your change or variety of diet is one that keeps you missing your beef, you may want to sway to the Impossible Slider. This version of the White Castle delight is made with Impossible patties.

The restaurant has been offering these for just over a year. Although Impossible Burgers (or lack of) recently made headlines due to what I’d call a devastating error on the part of some Burger King folks, the patties and other items from Impossible Foods have personally received over-the-top reviews from pretty much everyone.

In the world of meatless options and substitutions, you have lots to choose from. For some, the desire to come as close to meat as possible is the goal. For others, it’s all about the garden party in your mouth. Whatever your flavor, White Castle seems to have you covered.

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For me, I was looking for that general veggie patty situation when I dove into these White Castle goodies. I was thinking, “OK, this is gonna taste like maybe grill flavor, maybe something like a burger situation?” But that is not what happened. Not at all.

I was not pleasantly surprised because I was really excited to participate in the classic White Castle flavor. That didn’t happen to me. And honestly, on top of that, I didn’t really even love the flavor at all. But I would be willing to give it another try, now that I know what I’m dealing with.

It is great for what it is, a garden on a bun. And by the way, the bun is great! I never would have pegged it for some of these other vegan buns I have run across. What’s going on with that, anyway? But really, if you want a textured, whole food option, this is your thing.

If you’re not vegan, I suggest tossing some cheese on this little monster, but even without being dressed up, it’s pretty good! I would also love to see the tiny onions getting in on the action. I just feel like that’s part of the identity of White Castle. I was bummed to not find them in there.

So there you go, people. This is what I know and what I think of White Castle Veggie Sliders from my grocer’s freezer. I have yet to try the black bean option, but it’s on my list. I’ll keep you posted!

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Have you tried any of the veggie offerings from White Castle? What’s your take on the tiny treats? Let us know in the comments below!

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