Why vegan is easier than you think


Vegan, is just one of many lifestyle choices, not wholly connected to the diet but about a full lifestyle change to avoid all animal products. What was once difficult for many has now become much easier with the benefit of substitutes.

There was once a time that any vegan would have to seriously think about giving up the things they loved. Because milk, cheese, yogurts, eggs, and many other dairy products were off the menu, it was harder to enjoy baked goods and some creamier dishes. However, things are rapidly changing. Veganism is now much easier than you would initially think.

Veganism certainly has many benefits to it. Vodka is Vegan is just the latest book released about the vegan diet, with tips on how to get started and what it really means. The book looks into the health benefits, especially those from cutting out red meat from the diet.

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Substitutes make it so much easier

If you walked into a grocery store 10 or 20 years ago, you’d find it hard to get substitutes for your animal products. When you did find them, they cost a fortune. Or they just weren’t that tasty. It could make veganism seem more like a chore and it’s not surprising that some opted to take a step back an opt for vegetarianism instead.

However, the substitutes in stores now make it much easier to enjoy a vegan lifestyle. Almond, soy, coconut, and even cashew milk are all available to replace your cow’s or goat’s milk. You can get vegan butter easily in the same aisle as the regular butter and margarine. There are even vegan cheeses if you really want them—although that is one of those that you can go without in a lot of cases.

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And it’s not just about dairy. Veggie burgers and products are more widely available. Tofu comes in a variety of styles, while Quorn is a popular alternative to chicken.

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Start by making an effort

The best way to start veganism is to just throw yourself in. Make an effort to make the substitutions. And it’s okay to do it one or two substitutions at a time. Trying to switch everything at once can become overwhelming.

One thing the authors of Vodka is Vegan make a note of is that you don’t need to be 100% perfect. There are days that you’ll find harder than others. You may be surprised to find out some foods that look vegan on the forefront aren’t when you look at all the ingredients. Pushing yourself to be perfect will cause you to become bogged down with the lifestyle, instead of actually enjoying your meals and the way you feel.

Don’t forget about your vitamins and minerals either! Many vegans can be deficient in protein and vitamin B12. You can stock up on vegan supplements for most of the nutrients, but it’s also worth adding some vegan protein powder and extra quinoa to your diet to protect your muscles.

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Check back when we go into how to get started with your vegan lifestyle, while still enjoying your food and your life.