Alexa, add Trader Joe’s Lemon Peal hard lemonade to my shopping list


Another day, another must-have drink catches our attention: Trader Joe’s Lemon Peal hard lemonade is this week’s winner!

The summer season is all about keeping our eyes peeled for the latest, most refreshing and delicious, drink to indulge on! And while hard lemonade isn’t for everyone, if you’re skipping out on Trader Joe’s Lemon Peal hard lemonade, you are making a mistake, my friend.

Yes, we’ve tried this one out and it’s what your summer season needs. It just recently hit stores so check to see if they are in stock near you. It’s sour, it’s sweet, keep it cool and it’s what you need at your next picnic or just a cool beverage to have at the house. Or hey, buy a large pack (or two) to take with you to the next party. The cans are also pretty cool. Instagram photo, anyone?

I can best describe the taste as bittersweet! The taste of lemon juice is strong, but it’s more tart than sweet. I prefer serving it in a glass with eyes to make it more refreshing. You can buy this in six packs for $7.99, each can is 12-ounces.

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Which drink this summer season has caught your eye (and taste buds) the most? Let us know in the comments if we are missing out on something deliciously refreshing!