Blue Point Brewery celebrates US women’s soccer victory with special Squad Goals brew


The US women’s soccer team is celebrating their World Cup win and so is the rest of the nation. Blue Point Brewery has even brewed a special beer called Squad Goals with the women in mind.

In honor of the US Women’s National Team winning the World Cup, much of the nation is celebrating alongside of these amazing athletes. And one place that is looking to help the women with their celebration is Blue Point Brewery of Long Island.

Blue Point has brewed a very special Brut IPA in honor of the USNWT and their victory called Squad Goals. This brew is the perfect celebratory drink, as it combines Calypso Hops, Hallertau Blanc, and Huell Melon with a dry yeast for a brew that is balanced, crisp, and a perfect alternative to champagne.

And that’s not all Blue Point Brewery is doing, as they will be donating 38 percent of their sales of Squad Goals to Equal Pay Today in an effort to help raise awareness about equality in pay on the field.

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According to Blue Point Brewery Marketing Director, Barry McLaughlin, they would like to invite the entire women’s soccer team out to their Patchogue brewpub, “especially native Long Islanders Crystal Dunn and Allie Long, to tap the first keg of ‘Squad Goals’.”

McLaughlin also said that, “Blue Point is proud to stand behind these World Champions as they continue to champion for equality in the sport and beyond and we’re happy to provide the support, one pint at a time.”

Not only is the brewery helping to celebrate the World Cup victory of the US Women’s soccer team, but they are also working to bring about a better sense of equality as well.

If you are a fan of the women’s soccer team, equality, or even just a craft beer lover, you will want to check out Blue Point Brewery and their new Squad Goals brew for yourself. And hopefully the USNWT will hear about the special brew in their honor and head out to Long Island for a pint themselves.

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Fingers crossed that the Squad Goals brew sticks around for a while and maybe even ends up being canned. Both the purpose of this brew and the fact that part of the sales are going to such a worthy cause means that having this particular beer on tap and in cans for longer would be amazing for soccer fans and women everywhere.