Absolut Juice is all about indulging without guilt


Are you looking for a new way to indulge in a guilt free way? Then Absolut has you covered with their newest release – Absolut Juice.

Some days you just want to find the perfect drink to kick back and relax with. And while Absolut is known for their vodka, have you heard about their Absolut Juice? Here is a vodka based drink that comes in two different flavors and is ready to hit your glass without any additional ingredients needed.

Absolut Juice is great on its own or paired with soda water, and the fact that it comes in two fresh flavors makes it that much better. We are talking about natural flavors, a sweetness that is not too overwhelming, and low in sugar and calories for an indulgence that won’t bring the guilt.

As I mentioned, there are currently two different flavors of the Absolut Juice and both of them are mouthwateringly delicious. Up first is the Apple Edition, which has both the taste and aroma of ripe apples fresh off the tree. Then there is the Strawberry Edition, that really does make you think of farm fresh strawberries picked off the vine.

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Both of these vodka infused juices are made with real fruit juices and the fact that there are no artificial ingredients makes it that much better for those of us looking for fresh flavors and a little less guilt when we are sitting down with an after work drink.

What makes the Absolut Juice such a must have this summer is how easy it is to indulge with. Not only can you pour it over ice and drink it straight, but it is also a great building block, whether that just means adding in a splash of soda water or even adding it sparkling wine to the mix (as recommended by Absolut themselves).

For me, the Strawberry Edition of Absolut Juice was my favorite. Whether I drank it over ice or with a splash of sparkling wine, I was impressed with the flavor and the fact that it was not too sweet. My hope is that they decide to release a few more flavors, as these two are real winners.

Honestly, this is indulging without all the guilt thanks to not only the flavor, but also the fact that there are under 99 calories per serving. We love finding new drinks to enjoy when we want to relax and have a good time and Absolut Juice fits the bill.

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Have you tried Absolut Juice yet? If yes, what did you think? If no, are you interested in trying it? Tell us what you think in the comments.