Hennessy teams up with A$AP Ferg and Felipe Pantone for limited edition cocktail kit

Hennessy lovers looking for something new this summer can now get their hands on the new REMIXED Cocktail Kit to make the Dimensional cocktail.

This year, Hennessy teamed up with Felipe Pantone, a world-renowned street and contemporary artist, for a stunning new limited edition bottle design. But that is not the only team up the cognac brand has put together this year, as they also partnered with A$AP Ferg to step their original collaboration up a notch.

With A$AP Ferg’s ability to remix things both musically and fashion-wise, it makes sense that Hennessy would want to partner with the musician. Taking the stunning work of Pantone on the limited edition bottle, the three have created the new REMIXED Cocktail kit that allows consumers to make the Dimensional cocktail for themselves.

The Dimensional is all about being vibrant and nuanced, which it is able to accomplish with ease. With the help of the limited edition cocktail kit available through Cocktail Courier starting on August 1, Hennessy lovers can indulge in a drink that brings the unique personalities of both Felipe Pantone and A$AP Ferg together. And yes, every purchase of the kit gets you one of those limited edition bottles designed by Pantone, which means this kit really is all about winning in so many ways.

Perhaps what helps to set this cocktail kit apart is the fact that Pantone’s limited edition design is included. Considering the meticulous nature of his work, and the fact that he chose to incorporate previous Hennessy designs in his own, it makes sense that people would want to get their hands on this bottle for their liquor cabinet.

Of course, while you can snag one of the limited edition bottles on its own from retailers, we can’t imagine not wanting to grab this cocktail kit as well, as it comes with everything you need to craft the perfect drink. And what better way to end summer than with a drink that is about bringing Hennessy together with the flavors of lemon and ginger?

The REMIXED Cocktail Kit will be available for $119.99, which is actually a great deal for something that is not only limited-edition, but also gives you everything that you need. And whether you pick this kit up because you love Hennessy or you’re a fan of either A$AP Ferg or Felipe Pantone, you really can’t go wrong grabbing one while you can.

What do you think of Felipe Pantone’s Hennessy bottle design? How do you feel about the specialty cocktail kit being released? Will you be purchasing one of the bottles or the cocktail kit? Tell us what you think in the comments.