Arby’s is heading to Area 51, as if we needed another reason to go


If you have plans on heading to Area 51 on September 20 don’t worry, Arby’s will be there waiting to keep you fuelled while you do whatever it is you are going to go.

You should know about the Area 51 raid by now, but just in case you have somehow missed the news in the last few weeks. A campaign which started on Facebook, called Storm Area 51 on September 20, has gone viral. With close to 2 million people supposedly attending the raid, including Arby’s.

The campaign, which probably started out as nothing but a bit of fun and no doubt didn’t expect to get anywhere near the reaction it has, is simple. Area 51 has secrets, supposedly, and we can’t just go strolling in. But, if enough of show up, like several million, they can’t stop us all.

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Now, nobody really expects this to happen. However, it has been fun watching all the jokes, memes, etc, appear online. There is even talks about turning this movement into a weekend festival of some sorts and this where Arby’s has come into the equation.

Whether they planned on attending the Raid Area 51 because it looks as though this will turn into a weekend festival, or if they planned to attend all along because they really want to know what is in Area 51, or whether they are just pulling our leg, it isn’t clear, but they have made it known they plan to be there, ready to serve all the attendees.

They made it known via their official Twitter channel, check it out just below:

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As you can see, they plan on bringing a special menu with them as well. What’s the betting it will be alien-related or something? It does look as though they are fully committed to coming though, which is exciting.

We’ll keep an eye out on this story closely to see if Arby’s plans to follow it through or not.

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What do you think of the whole Raid Area 51 campaign? What do you think of Arby’s commitment to attend? Drop a comment just below sharing your thoughts.