Sugar Rush Season 2, Episode 4: All Things Chocolate review


Sugar Rush Season 2 delved into chocolate territory with it’s fourth, decadent episode. We review episode four—All Things Chocolate.

Chocolate lovers rejoiced during the fourth episode of Netflix’s Sugar Rush Season 2. Four teams competed against each other for the coveted grand prize of $10,000. All that stood in their way were three rounds of chocolate cupcakes, confections, and cake.

Plus, the show’s judges, Candace Nelson—owner of Sprinkles Cupcakes—and baker extraordinaire, Adriano Zumbo. Joining them was guest judge, Jacques Torres, chocolatier and judge on Netflix’s Nailed It!

Round 1

In the first round of this episode of Sugar Rush Season 2, the contestants were tasked with creating cupcakes with their favourite chocolate flavour pairings.

Friends Jenniffer and Kenya were the first to finish with their classic raspberry and chocolate cupcake, with a hint of chipotle spice. The judges were generally pleased with the balance of the sweet and spicy, but Torres found the white chocolate buttercream to be a bit salty.

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Vegas buddies Carlos and Brittany finished next with their chocolate cupcakes with chocolate ganache and hazelnut and praline mousse. The presentation was stunning and the judges applauded their elegance. However, there wasn’t enough of the hazelnut flavour for Zumbo’s taste.

Team three were Victoria and Ali, who made chocolate cupcakes with blackberry sage compote. Their cupcakes unfortunately sank in the middle, and despite the moist texture, their flavours weren’t balanced enough. The chocolate was overwhelmed by everything else.

Last to finish were Corey and Ashley, who ambitiously created two cupcakes for their first entry—white chocolate and dark chocolate. Torres wanted more flavour to come through and Nelson found the cupcakes too grainy.

The winners of this first round were Jenniffer and Kenya and the first team to be eliminated were Corey and Ashley.

Round 2

In the second round of this episode of Sugar Rush Season 2, the competitors were tasked with creating a confection that showcased either ruby chocolate—made from the ruby cocoa bean—or blonde chocolate—which is caramelized white chocolate.

Jenniffer and Kenya finished first again with their blonde chocolate banana pudding with junk food crunch. The judges adored their idea and applauded their excellent flavours.

Victoria and Ali finished next. They had decided to use both chocolate flavours in their frozen yoghurt and ice-cream sundae confection. The judges were blown away by their presentation and the fact that they had used both flavours.

Carlos and Brittany once again create a mousse—a ruby chocolate and vanilla mousse with a sugar cookie. They spent too much time on their presentation but the final product was stunning. However, the confection itself was far too sweet.

Victoria and Ali’s ambitious plan won them this round but saw the end of Carlos and Brittany.

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Round 3

In the final round of this episode of Sugar Rush Season 2, the remaining two teams were challenged to create their own chocolate fantasy land.

Victoria and Ali made a magical chocolate candy forest for their cake round. The height of this cake was perfect for the judges who loved the whimsy and the psychedelic colours. Torres loved the crunch in the cake, while Zumbo and Nelson found the flavours excellently balanced.

Jenniffer and Kenya made a chocolate stout brownie cake for their chocolate farm fantasy land. The judges loved the uniqueness of the concept—the myriad vegetables, cheese, meat, and even a milk pail made from cake were astounding. But Torres wanted more height in the cake. The chocolate flavour was strong enough for the judges, and the stout added depth for Zumbo.

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Each team earned a vote from the judges with Torres having to choose the decider—Victoria and Ali.

Final Thoughts

A chocolate-themed episode was always going to be a delight and this episode of Sugar Rush Season 2 had everything a dessert-lover would have wanted. The final cake round was thrilling to watch, and the creations were stunning as well as decadent. Definitely one of the best of the season, and a tough decision for the judges with such high calibre products.