Sugar Rush Season 2, Episode 5: Made With Love review


Sugar Rush Season 2 challenges bakers to make the most of their allotted time to bake delicious confections. We review episode five—Made With Love.

It’s all about romance in the fifth episode of Netflix’s Sugar Rush Season 2. Four married couples go head-to-head in three themed elimination rounds, as they vie for the coveted grand prize of $10,000.

But first, they had to impress the show’s judges, Candace Nelson—owner of Sprinkles Cupcakes—and baker extraordinaire, Adriano Zumbo. Joining them were guest judges, Vanessa and Nick Lachey.

Round 1

In the opening round of this episode of Sugar Rush Season 2, the teams were asked to recreate their first date in cupcake form.

Junior and Araceli, married for 12 years, who bake professionally together, were the first to finish. They made vanilla cupcakes with caramel, an homage to the caramel popcorn they ate on their first date. The judges loved the story of their cupcake, and the presentation, but found it far too sweet.

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Next to finish were Cyrus and Maggie, married for 15 years, who also work together. They made a movie theatre chocolate cupcake—as that was where they went for their first date. The cupcake was decorated with a stencilled movie ticket and chocolate bark. The flavours were good but the bark was too soft for the judges.

Team three were Sarah and Cole, who technically had two first dates so they made two cupcakes—red velvet and apple spice. The flavours wowed the judges but Cole didn’t get the caramel right—it was far too chunky and hard to eat.

Last to finish, by a smidge, were Cris and Gisele, celebrating their tenth anniversary. They made a cupcake for each other—a carrot cupcake and a chocolate cupcake with brigadeiro. The carrot cupcake texture was good but Zumbo found the chocolate cupcake a bit dry.

The judges’ favourite cupcake in this round was Sarah and Cole’s. Unfortunately, Cris and Gisele had to be eliminated.

Round 2

The couples had revisited their first dates in round one, and in the second round of this romance-themed episode of Sugar Rush Season 2, they were asked to create an engagement-themed confection, complete with a hidden ring.

Cyrus and Maggie were the first to buzz in. They made Grand Marnier fruit tarts with a coconut macaroon crust, and almond extract. The judges loved the presentation—the wafer flower which opened up to reveal the ring was stunning. But Nelson found the crust too thick and chewy and Zumbo’s palette was overpowered by the almond extract.

Junior and Araceli finished next with their tres leches (three milks) cake, an homage to the Mexican restaurant where they got engaged. The cake was covered in a chocolate dome to be broken open like a pinata. The judges loved the story and the interactivity but the chocolate dome was inconsistent, primarily because their domes broke in the mold.

Sarah and Cole finished last. Their confection was inspired by the sushi restaurant where they got engaged—a coconut, kaffir lime infused sticky rice with mango and chocolate. The judges were full of praise for the presentation and balance of flavours.

Sarah and Cole once again were crowned winners of the round. Junior and Araceli’s technical troubles saw their competition come to an end.

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Round 3

For the cake round of this episode of Sugar Rush Season 2, the remaining two teams were asked to make a wedding cake.

Sarah and Cole were very ambitious for their four-tier cake with fondant. They had to scale back a number of details in order to finish on time. Their cake had two flavours—dark chocolate and vanilla bean. The judges loved the chocolate cake but the buttercream was lacking intensity of flavour.

Cyrus and Maggie had issues with their first batch of cakes because the pans weren’t sprayed, which set them back. However, they managed to complete their almond amaretto cake on time with crackle fondant. The judges found the flavours delicate and the texture moist.

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The judges were torn between the two cakes and both teams got one vote each before the Lacheys had to cast the deciding vote—Sarah and Cole.

Final Thoughts

This romantic Sugar Rush Season 2 episode was heart-warming, bringing out the essence of storytelling, that is such an important part of the baking world. The confections on offer were beautiful to look at, and even though the last round was a bit underwhelming with the contestants biting off more than they could chew, it was still an entertaining watch.