Adios, pumpkin spice stuff! Panera has Fall cinnamagic


Panera has a Fall menu for you and it’s going to be magical. The best items of all are cinnamon treats auditioning to be your new best friend.

Panera is no stranger to the seasonal menu items. And we all know that for some reason, the whole country goes pumpkin spice crazy as soon as (or before) one leaf falls off a tree. I personally think it’s some undercover scandal to push the allspice industry, but I digress.

I am not one of these pumpkin people, obviously. Sure, I could go for a piece of pumpkin bread straight out of the freezer (don’t ask), but other than that, those spiced cookies, drinks, pancakes, and all the other madness can just stay right there on their respective menus, thanks.

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This isn’t about whether or not you like pumpkin spice thises and thats. I mean, cinnamon has been bringing status and comfort to humans for thousands of years, way longer than the ol’ pumpkin business.

So, do you like cinnamon? That’s all that matters. Because it’s OK, you can still love this stuff and pumpkin spice, if that’s what you need to do. If you don’t, I think you might find Panera has a way to turn that around for you. Please try again! And if you’re like me and a lot of other humans, you’re just gonna be really excited now.

This year, Panera has some cinnamon treats on their Fall Menu that are going to turn you into a cinnamonatarian. Since this includes both drinks and snacks, you could just go ahead and live on these beauties, alone. At least temporarily. And hey, it’s not like I’m alone in this sentiment, OK? Don’t judge me.

Panera has already been delighting patrons with cinnamon for some time now. And you can see that people are willing to go to really extreme measures to show their gratitude. Is it the cozy yum happy that comes from its flavor, or is it because your body knows it has tons of very big health joys? Irrelevant!

This year, Panera is giving us two eats and two drinks. The Cinnamon Apple Scone is your sustenance. It’s got that cinnamon crunch you love already if you’ve ever had the Cinnamon Crunch Bagel from their menu. It also has an apple cinnamon filling and a drizzle of salted carmel icing, whaaaaat?

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And when that makes you a little thirsty, you can wash it down with your lovely Cinnamon Spice Latte! That beauty is warm and cozy, wet and wild. It’s got their espresso and foamed milk, and adds a dose of cinnamon flavor to make it all about that magic. Top it with whipped cream and a sprinkle of cinnamon, and you’re lost in Fall fantasy.

But if you’re out for a treat, you’re going to love this other little happy couple. For the goodie lovers, you can get cookies, yes, cookies! But these aren’t just little discs of crumbs, no. These are Apple Pie Thumbprint Cookies. PIE COOKIES, I said.

They’re almond butter cookies and they have a *whoosh* of powdered sugar. Then, when that sweet, gooey magic begs for beverage accompaniment, you can either go back to the warm Cinnamon Spice Latte, or you could take it in the “It’s still Summer, get off my back,” direction.

The cold drink Panera has for you is the Cinnamon Spice Cold Brew, and it’s a chilly amazement. You get their classic cold brew, plus half and half and then that same cinnamon flavor addition that’s in the latte. All of that is over ice and you’re gonna be forgetting that this is a lunch break, Susan, (you too, Tom).

Enjoy these new flavors as soon as you can! Panera will have these goodies magically appear for you on September 9th, all across the U.S. Although, I’ve heard rumors that a few places may have them already, so maybe just check with your local shop. And in the meantime, grab up a Cinnamon Crunch bagel. And slice it however you want!

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Are you counting the days to try these Panera treats? Let us know if you’re into cinnamon, pumpkin spice, (or both), in the comments below!

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