Corn bread ice cream from Cold Stone Creamery, anyone?


Corn bread is one of the best fall flavors (or any season), but corn bread ice cream flavor? This one we’ll have to try it to be convinced! So, next stop, Cold Stone Creamery!

We all love Cold Stone Creamery, their creations and unique flavors are always on top of the competition. As the fall season approaches, the creamery shop has launched two new flavors: Honey Graham Bowl and Cornbread is My Jam! See, this is why we love them, even the names of flavors are creative.

Our favorite Instagrammer, @Candyhunting unveiled these two ice creams. And, to say the least, they look delicious! Still, we’ll have to try them before we recommend these.

Check out the photos from Candy Hunting, below:

Delicious-looking, right? I thought so! Okay, let’s break down the flavor descriptions! According to Cold Stone Creamery, Cornbread is My Jam tastes just like cornbread out of the oven smeared with blackberry jam. Okay, I’m pretty sold on this one now.

And the Honey Graham Bowl, well, that one doesn’t need to do much to make up my mind about it. I love Honey Graham! Here’s how the site is describing this one — it taste just like “dipping graham crackers in a bowl of milk.” Yum!

Do you have a favorite ice cream flavor for the fall season? If not (and, let’s be honest, even if you already do) definitely check out Cold Stone Creamery! Both of these flavors are available beginning Aug. 21 for a limited time.

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