The McChicken would like to have a word with you


With all of the hype surrounding Popeye’s new chicken sandwich, the McDonald’s McChicken would like to say a few words to you.

Hi, it is me, your old friend from McDonald’s, the McChicken, and I need to have a word with you all.

There is no denying that we go back a long time. From the first time I was unwrapped, our relationship has been nearly inseparable. Sure, other chicken sandwiches tried to hate on us, with one proclaiming that they “perfect the chicken sandwich.”


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Truth be told, the bond we share is special, but a new enemy is cropping up that is threatening to take you away from me. Popeye’s has scrapped its long-standing Po’Boys in favor of a chicken sandwich that is currently all the rage right now.

I have seen the incredible long-lines at its restaurants; I have heard the complaints of rude service and customers; I have heard many proclaim their chicken sandwiches as simply the best. Even my old buddy, Mark Carmen, proclaimed, on video mind you, that Popeye’s had the best chicken sandwich.

I thought we were friends, Mark??

OK, let me regain my composure.

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What I want to tell you today is that I am not by no means upset that you have gravitated to Popeye’s right now. It is your money and your right to enjoy what you wish. However, when you run out of money and are searching for a cheap chicken sandwich that you order to claim your “eating healthy,” I’ll be there, with all of my processed chicken, mountains of lettuce and glop of mayo love, ready to embrace you yet again.

Because this bond in forever.


The McChicken

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