Oddly Satisfying: The Popcorn Factory’s Chicken and Waffles popcorn


This week’s Oddly Satisfying prize goes to The Popcorn Factory’s Chicken and Waffles popcorn! Here’s why we’re letting it slide despite not being an instant favorite.

Remember the days when regular chicken and waffles seemed strange? It quickly became a favorite and even a must-have at most restaurants. It wasn’t long before this flavor began to be copied in just about everything from sweets to pizza. And now, presenting The Popcorn Factory‘s Chicken and Waffles popcorn!

The Popcorn Factory describes this new treat as so: “we’ve packed all the flavors of perfectly fried chicken with the syrupy, buttery deliciousness of fresh buttermilk waffles.” Hmm, I’ll be the judge of that! The company sent me their latest offering and I cautiously proceeded to try. I also kept plenty to ask my friends for their opinions over the weekend.

What’s the verdict? Is this chicken and waffles popcorn my new favorite snack or is it a delicacy that simply didn’t score with my taste buds? Guys, I have mixed feelings and this has never happened before.

The Popcorn Factory’s Chicken and Waffles Popcorn. Credit: Sandy Casanova

As you all know, I’m very honest when it comes to these reviews. So, I must say, I feel the garlic in this popcorn is too overpowering to take on and enjoy the other flavors it has to offer. However, as I always admit when I’m in the wrong, no one else that tried this popcorn with me agrees with my opinion. Therefore, I must give The Popcorn Factory’s Chicken and Waffles popcorn an overall positive review.

That’s right, all 6 people I shared this with (one of them a picky 5-year-old) all enjoyed it. Though most did comment it doesn’t necessarily taste “much like chicken and waffles,” they do say they would have it again.

I found myself outnumbered and it is my obligation to give you the facts! So, should you try this popcorn? Based on what I gathered, chances are, you’ll enjoy it. As for me, personally, no thanks!

A 10-inch canister will cost you $14.99 at their site The Popcorn Factory.

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