Mountain Dew’s Halloween inspired mystery VooDew is here


Mountain Dew is celebrating Halloween this year with a mystery Dew inspired by the holiday. And the VooDew is already here for fans to try.

On August 16, news broke that Mountain Dew would be dropping a limited edition flavor inspired by Halloween. The appropriately named VooDew is a mystery drink that you have to taste first in order to learn what the flavor actually is.

And while that was exciting news to begin with, it seems as of the 27th, this new Dew is already here for Mountain Dew fans to rave over. Of course, thanks to Delish and fans who have already begun posting about the mystery flavor on social media, we have some idea as to what to expect in terms of flavor.

Original guesses over what VooDew would taste like included Pumpkin, which would totally make sense with the Halloween inspiration, and Candy Corn. However, if social media is to be believed, it turns out that the mystery Mountain Dew is actually like drinking a “dreamsicle” (and we are here for that).

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According to people who have already tried this new mystery Dew, the VooDew, have offered up what they believer the drink tastes like. One Instagram user said it reminded them of a classic Dreamsicle, while a few others felt like it was a bit more like Candy Corn (just like some people had guessed it would). Of course others felt like this was just like any other mystery drink and it did not have a distinctive enough flavor to live up the hype.

No matter what flavor the mystery Mountain Dew ends up being, it still feels like the perfect addition to the Halloween roster. After all, the name alone is enough to have us wanting to pull out our pumpkins and costumes.

From 12-packs to 20 oz bottles, the VooDew mystery flavor is already in stores, such as 7-Eleven and Walmart. And that means you can find out for yourself if Mountain Dew has been able to capture the magic of a dreamsicle or the nostalgia of Candy Corn in their Halloween inspired offering.

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Have you found the new VooDew Mountain Dew in stores yet? Have you tried the mystery flavor yet? What do you think of this limited edition release? Tell us what you think in the comments.