Subway rumors: Brisket sandwich and sliders may be on their way


There are many rumors circulating that Subway is launching sliders and brisket sandwiches. Could it be so? Here are all the details we know.

Subway has been seriously upping its game recently. If the rumors are true, it sounds like its not over yet. There are current rumors that sliders and brisket sandwiches are on their way, and we couldn’t be more excited.

The chain has been known as one of the healthier options when it comes to fast food. Okay, so there are some questionable choices on the menu, but it is diet friendly in many cases. It all comes down to what you want to choose. But it’s only been until recently that the sub fast food joint has moved away from the traditional six-inch and foot-long subs.

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Recently, we got the garlic subs. And as awesome as they are, there’s something missing. It sounds like Subway knows that and is bringing that something soon.

Yep, it’s all about the sliders. Sometimes you just want something small but tasty, right? And they sound adorable.

They’ll be priced at $1.79, and you’ll be able to get Italian Spice, Ham & Jack, Little Turkey, and Little Cheesesteak sliders. There’s going to be something for everyone! That is if the current rumors from The Fast Food Post are true.

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What about the brisket sandwich? YouTuber Timothy Birmingham managed to get his hands on one of these, so it sounds like they’re already doing the rounds in some locations. This wouldn’t be surprising. When a brand isn’t sure about the reception, the new items will usually be tested in a few locations to see if people are interested.

Well, we’re interested! With hope, this will come to locations throughout the United States (and maybe into Canada?). You can get a six-inch or foot-long version of the sub according to the YouTuber.

It’s not the first time Subway has looked at doing Brisket. The meat was offered back in 2012, although it was a Texas-Style Brisket Sandwich.

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What do you think of the sliders? Will you head out for the brisket sandwich? What would you like Subway to bring? Share your thoughts in the comments below.