Joanna Gaines is opening her own Magnolia Coffee Shop coming in October


Joanna Gaines is expanding her Magnolia empire with a new Coffee Shop in Waco. Set to open in October, the project is underway already.

Fans of Fixer Upper and Chip and Joanna Gaines who want to check out the Silos in Waco, Texas have something new to look forward to. It seems that the designer is expanding the family’s Magnolia line with a new coffee shop.

According to Delish, Joanna Gaines took to social media to share news about the Magnolia Coffee Shop, including a progress report and an estimated time for when they expect to open the new business. While the project is currently under construction, things are moving forward and there are plans in place to open the coffee shop at some point in October.

When it comes to the designs that Gaines is known for, there is something to be said for cozy, country chic. And it seems that this will translate over to the new addition of the Magnolia lineup. In talking about the new shop, Joanna Gaines explained that, “The feeling in the coffee shop, I really wanted it to just feel cozy, kind of blend of that library feeling but a little bit of industrial.”

In terms of the industrial vibes customers will get, all it will take is looking up to the lights, as the ceiling and some of the fixtures will have more of an industrial feel to them. Other things to look out for in terms of the decor and design are accents of copper and brass and even cabinetry made with walnut wood.

Considering we have all seen the design aesthetics that Joanna Gaines is fond of thanks to Fixer Upper, it makes sense that these same elements would come into play at the new Magnolia Coffee Shop.

Having been to the Silos and Magnolia shops in Waco, it sounds like the new coffee shop will fit right in. And it will be exciting to see how it is integrated into the existing area as its own destination. Of course, considering we have seen renderings of the new shop on Joanna Gaines’ Instagram account, at least we have an idea of what it will look like.

Although we have known about the coffee shop since July, knowing that it is truly coming along makes it seem much more real than it once was. And we love the idea of the Magnolia line expanding even further with one of our favorite beverages – the mighty coffee.

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What do you think of this new Magnolia Coffee Shop? Are you excited for the latest addition to the Silos in Waco? Will you be visiting the destination stop? Tell us what you think in the comments.