White Claw shortages are coming, but there are some hard seltzer alternatives to consider


The demand for hard seltzer is at such an all time high that the most loved brand White Claw is facing national shortages as they can’t keep up with demand.

Summer of 2019 saw hard seltzer become the ultimate drink of just about everyone. In fact, the demand is so high that not only is one hard seltzer now an official sponsor of the NFL, but we are also expecting a White Claw shortage.

White Claw is officially the most in-demand of all the hard seltzers on the market, and while there are certainly other brands out there, this is the one that has been on everyone’s lips this summer. And now it seems the worst is happening, as the people who make the seltzer can’t keep up with its customers thanks to high sales volumes.

According to Food & Wine, multiple sources have confirmed a White Claw shortage is coming. And when you consider the fact that in one of the most important liquor buying weeks of the year (the critical July 4 shopping period), sales of the hard seltzer grew by 283 percent over last year. That number alone is insane, and proves just how popular this particular drink trend really is.

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While White Claw is clearly the most popular of all of the hard seltzers currently on the market, it is not the only one. And there are actually some decent alternatives if this is your drink of choice moving from summer to Fall.

Not only is there Truly, which has been competing with White Claw all summer, and even Natty Light, but there is also the official seltzer of the NFL as an alternative. Bon & Viv, which is produced by Anheuser-Busch, is now a sponsor for the NFL, and with a White Claw shortage looming, now might be the perfect time to give this brand a try (especially with it popping up in stadiums across the country).

And sure, if you are a White Claw stan, you probably don’t want to jump ship just because the company is struggling to meet the demand of its customers. But, the next time you head to the store to stock up for your football party or end of summer bashes, if the hard seltzer of your dreams is missing from the shelves, at least you have a few alternatives to choose from.

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What do you think of a White Claw shortage? Are any of the other hard seltzers a good alternative in your mind? Tell us what you think in the comments.