Friday Favorite: Caramel Caravan Co. is the sweetest treat your candy jars (and taste buds) will have

Caramel Caravan Co. photo credit: Sandy Casanova
Caramel Caravan Co. photo credit: Sandy Casanova /

Leave your kid’s trick-or-treat bags alone this Halloween, your candy jars can have something even better, Caramel Caravan Co. sweets!

Earlier this month, Caramel Caravan Co. sent me a very sweet delivery containing two of their recently launched flavors and a box of even more savory treats to enjoy! I must admit, I wasted no time diving into these caramel delights, who can resist the adorable packaging? But it did take me a couple of days to sample them all. Why? Well, for starters, these need to be savored and can’t be rushed. You can’t devour these like it’s a Kit Kat or Hershey’s bar. Show these handcrafted sweets some respect!

The first thing I noticed about Caramel Caravan Co.’s caramels is their size. I found it to be perfect. They’re just a tad larger than what would be considered a “bite-size” treat, but not dramatically big for a caramel candy. But, my friends, after my first bite, I soon realized the portion is very generous. Trust me when I say one a day of these is enough! You don’t want to go into an overload of sweetness, after all.

So, if your first thought is how 4 of these won’t be enough, think again! If you’d like to hand these out on Halloween, one per kid is sweet-heaven. However, may I suggest you keep this treat for yourself? Your candy jar won’t only look oh so cool, but adults need a little bit of sweetness in their life, too. Not to mention, the average kid won’t appreciate these as much as you would.

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Are you already a Caramel Caravan Co. fan? Whether you have discovered these caramels before or not, here’s what’s scoop: 

Pumpkin: Caramel Caravan Co. recently launched this fresh pumpkin puree caramel candy for a limited time. The pumpkin flavor is strong! If you are not a fan of it, I don’t recommend it. Pumpkin fans, however, have found their new favorite sweetness in these. A hint of cinnamon and spice, as the flavor description states, can also be detected.  ($8, pack of 4)

Chai Spice: Oh, my! These really kick up the spice! The Chai Spice caramels are a blend of cardamom, nutmeg, cinnamon, cloves, ginger, and black tea. Surprisingly, I found myself enjoying the Chai Spice more than the Pumpkin flavored caramels. ($8, pack of 4)

Fall Variety Box: Finally, there’s the Fall Variety Box, for those who rather get a little bit of everything (aka me)! Included in the box I received, were:

  • Sea Salt
  • Dark Chocolate Sea Salt
  • Cashew
  • Coffee
  • Dark Chocolate Marshmallow

Guys, where do I even begin? My favorite is a toss-up between Cashew and Dark Chocolate Marshmallow. If you follow my chocolate and candy reviews, you know that I enjoy (and prefer) a little bit of crunch in all my sweets. Well, this makes the Cashew caramels an instant winner! They are simply delicious! It’s the first one I tried.

The Dark Chocolate Marshmallow caramels, though, are truly something else. They feature a very rich and sweet flavor. The Cashew is great for any time of the year and day, the same goes for Coffee, Sea Salt, and Dark Chocolate Sea Salt. But the Dark Chocolate Marshmallow caramels are best enjoyed during fall and winter seasons.

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Did I mention these are all beautifully packed? Creators Courtney and Celia are not cutting any corners when it comes to flavor and packaging. These sweets are beautiful inside and out and truly make great gifts!

To order your own caramels and check out what other flavors Caramel Caravan Co. has to offer, visit them online here! Enjoy!