Virtue Cider is offering the perfect collection of seasonal drinks in their Michigan Series Variety Pack

Photo: Virtue Cider Michigan Series.. Image Courtesy Virtue Cider
Photo: Virtue Cider Michigan Series.. Image Courtesy Virtue Cider /

Fall is the perfect time for any type of cider and thanks to Virtue Cider, we can indulge in these seasonal favorites in a variety of flavor profiles.

Although Fall does not officially start until Sept. 23, that doesn’t mean we aren’t already in the mood for some of our seasonal favorites. After all, Starbucks had no problem kicking off Pumpkin Spice Latte season at the end of August, so it makes sense that companies like Virtue Cider are already kicking off their autumnal releases.

And speaking of Virtue Cider, we can’t help but love the fact that they are offering not one, not two, but four different flavors of hard cider to get this Fall lit. Of course, it also helps that ciders are a great way to feel a bit nostalgic, even if we are talking about an alcoholic beverage.

A perfect cider requires not just delicious apples, but also plenty of time, and yet that is not all that is needed to end up with the ultimate Fall drink. This is something that Virtue Cider understands and appreciates, as they work to craft the perfect hard ciders. And that is exactly what they do in the form of their Michigan Series Variety Pack.

Virtue Cider
Photo: Virtue Cider Michigan Series.. Image Courtesy Virtue Cider /

The Michigan Series Variety Pack offers consumers four different hard cider flavors from Virtue Cider, which means there really is something for everyone (or at least every cider lover). In honor of the Fall and the many flavors that make us want to indulge every now and then, the company is offering up the perfect Variety Pack featuring their Michigan Brut, Michigan Apple, Michigan Cherry, and Michigan Honey.

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With the Michigan Brut, cider lovers get a dry cider that is made using heirloom apples that have been hand-pressed. This cider is then aged in French oak barrels to give it the intense flavors you expect from a Brut. As an added bonus, this is one hard cider that you won’t want to pass on if you are watching your sugar since this cider features zero sugar.

The Michigan Apple is a more standard hard cider, featuring freshly pressed apples that have again been aged in French oak barrels. This cider is more of a semi-dry and utilizes last year’s cider harvest with fresh apples to give it all of its flavor and love.

Turning to the Michigan Cherry, Virtue Cider brings us a rich and tart flavor profile courtesy of the heirloom Michigan apples combined with sour cherries. Here is a cider that is the best of both apples and cherries brought together for a crisp and slightly sweet sip every time.

Finally there is the Michigan Honey, which once more gives us Michigan apples that have been pressed by hand and aged in French oak barrels. However, this time there is the added pop of locally sourced wildflower honey to give this cider a slightly sweet finish over those crisp apple flavors.

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If ever there was a time to give Virtue Cider a try, this is it, as they are ready for Fall with the perfect variety pack of flavors. So whether you are looking for something new to try, an alternative to Pumpkin Spice everything, or just really love a good cider, the Michigan Series Variety Pack is the perfect choice to snag today.