Cheryl’s Cookies: New treat adds something special to the classic chocolate chip cookie

Cheryl's Cookies new chocolate chip cookies, photo credit: Sandy Casanova
Cheryl's Cookies new chocolate chip cookies, photo credit: Sandy Casanova /

Cheryl’s Cookies has just spiced up the average chocolate chip cookie, and this is a flavor your taste buds won’t want to miss out on!

Cheryl’s Cookies is celebrating its 38th anniversary and wants to share a special treat with us all: A new Chocolate Chip Cookie. Before you sign off saying this isn’t anything new, let me tell you this is not your grandma’s freshly baked cookies, my friend. Did you really believe Cheryl’s Cookies, the queen of all cookies, would just debut plain chocolate chip cookies without adding their own magic to the classic treat?

This new cookie blends three chocolates: Belgian wafers, semi-sweet morsels, and milk chocolate chips. Cheryl’s Cookies new chocolate chip cookies are also topped with sea salt. The result: Chocolate Chip Cookie Heaven!

The most obvious and boldest taste is the sea salt. It’ll definitely take your taste buds by surprise initially, but it all settles in well together and you are used to it by the second bite. It’s one of the most chocolatey cookies (and so crunchy) I have tried. This one is definitely for the chocolate lover in your circle and would make a great little gift!

With the temperatures cooling down, these are best enjoyed this holiday season with a warm cup of hot chocolate! Parents: Why not get these for your child to leave for Santa and then you just enjoy them for yourself? I won’t tell! Find them here.

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