What exactly is the cold foam on those Starbucks drinks?

Photo: Cascara Cold Foam.. Image Courtesy Starbucks, Kathryn Barnard Photography
Photo: Cascara Cold Foam.. Image Courtesy Starbucks, Kathryn Barnard Photography /

While foam on hot drinks is something we are familiar with, over the last year or two, Starbucks has been giving us more iced beverages with cold foam. But what is it?

When it comes to innovation, Starbucks likes to lead the pack in terms of new flavors, unique brewing processes, and so much more. And last year, that innovation included the introduction of cold foam for our iced drinks.

While fans of frothy foam on their hot beverages may already be familiar with the process that creates this perfect coffee topper, you may still be wondering exactly how they make their cold foam. While the standard foam that Starbucks uses to top their cappuccino and lattes which is simply steamed milk, considering cold foam is going on an iced drink, steaming it simply will not work, according to PopSugar.

Instead, to make their very special cold foam, baristas actually have a special blender that they use. In the blender they add nonfat milk and then blend it up until it thickens up into a smooth texture that also helps to give it a hint of sweetness. This foamy goodness is then added to the top of those iced drinks so that it floats in an eye-catching way.

Since its introduction in 2018, cold foam has been added to a number of drinks, particularly their cold brews. And it is always served with their special lid that allows you to sip from the cup and not a straw. This change in how you drink your iced beverage lets you get a bit of that sweet, creamy goodness in every sip.

Even if the drink you order doesn’t come with a topping of cold foam, you can still add it to your beverage anyway. This means that any drink on the menu can be customized to your preference, so if you happen to love Macchiatos and want to get that frothy goodness added to the top, you totally can.

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Are you surprised by how simple it is to make the cold foam at Starbucks? Do you like the frothy goodness on your iced drinks? Tell us your thoughts in the comments.