Underrated treat: Why does candy corn not get the love it deserves?

Photo: Candy corn.. Photo by Sandy Casanova
Photo: Candy corn.. Photo by Sandy Casanova /

When it comes to underrated candy, especially around Halloween time, candy corn always comes to mind. But why?

Why is candy corn so underrated? Is it the flavor (oh so sweet)? Texture (chewy)? Aftertaste (though there isn’t really one)? Smell (sugar heaven)? Here at Guilty Eats, we simply don’t understand. This Halloween season, let’s give this underrated treat a little more love.

It’s ironic that the candy we see the most of and more often in stores during the fall season are boxes and more boxes of this candy! Sweet, orange and yellow candy corn! Why is it that most people claim to hate this treat, yet it’s incredibly popular and seen at all stores? Sure, it’s cheap to make and cheap to buy, but still, it’s always back by popular demand.

Are you ashamed of loving candy corn? Is it “cool” not to love it? Stop living a lie an buy some this Halloween! What is there to be embarrassed about? Candy corn is all sugar, guys.

Is it bad for your teeth? Of course! Then again, all candy is. But what is there not to love about a sugary treat? The texture is chewy, but tough enough for it to not qualify as a gummy. There’s no aftertaste and they smell heavenly.

Photo: Candy corn.. Photo by Sandy Casanova
Photo: Candy corn.. Photo by Sandy Casanova /

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To be able to be part of more seasons besides fall, there are even different varieties of the candy, such as mermaid candy corn! And you know what looks beautiful? A glass candy jar with candy corn inside! I may have the unpopular opinion here, but I’m fine with it. I love it!

What is your favorite candy this season? Are you a fan of candy corn or did you come here to hate on it?