Krispy Kreme offering new monster donuts just in time for Halloween


With Halloween just around the corner, Krispy Kreme is offering some new monster-themed donuts. Check out the different creepy new flavors!

With Halloween only a little over a week away, tons of brands and restaurants are putting out their Halloween-themed treats and Krispy Kreme is no different. The donut shop recently released their monster-inspired donuts. They are offering three different spooky sweet treats through Oct 31. So get them while you can!

The first of the monster donuts is Slimon. This is their signature glazed donut with a lemon “slime” filling and then is dipped in green icing and topped with a light green dollop of cream. It’s finished off with an edible eye to give it its creepy vibe.

The second donut is called Mumford. It is simply a regular glazed Krispy Kreme donut swirled with purple icing. It’s finished off with teeth and a single eye to give it the monster-y touch.

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The final donut is Hypno-Henry.  It’s a regular donut filled with cake batter and then dipped in yellow icing. It’s topped with orange sanding sugar to give it its snap and then a white icing swirl. It also has teeth and an eye to make it extra scary.

But that’s not all the trick-or-treat fun the donut chain is offering. On Oct 31, if you show up in a costume, you get a free donut of your choice! Why not start off Halloween right with a sugary breakfast? Halloween is all about candy and sweets after all.

While these new spooky donuts and the Halloween deal are available most places in the US, these sweet monster treats aren’t  available in Hawaii and Connecticut and the free donut deal doesn’t include Nebraska and Iowa. Might need to get a friend to pick up some for you if you’re in one of those states.

No matter which donut you try, make sure to get them while you can. Halloween will be here and gone before you know it!

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What do you think of these new monster donuts at Krispy Kreme? Which one looks the best to you? Let us know in the comments below!