Thanksgiving table must-have: Turkey Cake Pops from 1-800-Baskets

Turkey Cake Pops from, photo by Sandy Casanova
Turkey Cake Pops from, photo by Sandy Casanova /

This Thanksgiving, bring something different to the table — Turkey Cake Pops from!

While the turkey may be the biggest attraction at the Thanksgiving table, it’s also the most expected. We all know it’ll be present (and hopefully delicious), so whether this year you are a guest or hosting Thanksgiving dinner yourself, add a little pizzazz to the table and order some Turkey Cake Pops from

There are many reasons to love For starters, the delivery service is perfect for planning ahead and scheduling a delivery or requesting an item at the last minute. When it comes to these Turkey Cake Pops, not only will they look adorable at your dinner table or serving tray when you whip them out for dessert, but you can send some to a long-distance friend or family member, too!

Guilty Eats received half a dozen Turkey Cake Pops from so we could test the quality and taste! Did it pass the test? You bet! Here are our first impressions, taste-test, and where you can get them yourself:

Turkey Cake Pops from, photo courtesy
Turkey Cake Pops from, photo courtesy /

The Turkey Cake Pops arrived carefully packaged in individual wraps. If these will be displayed at the dinner table for dessert, I do suggest you unwrap them — you do want to show off how adorable they are, after all. Otherwise, hand them out to your guests as is!

Each cake pop consists of four pieces of candy corn and the turkey’s head is hand-decorated in with chocolate. The truffle cake ball is coated in chocolate, as well. Despite how it may appear on the outside, one bite and you’ll see these are very soft truffles. They are super chocolatey and sweet — the candy corn adds even more sweetness and is the perfect Thanksgiving touch to conclude your big meal.

The children at your Thanksgiving dinner will absolutely love these! Play a game by having each guest share 4 things they are thankful for as they remove each candy corn from the cake pop!

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Find these HERE (where they are available 6 for $27.99 or 12 for $49.99) and make dessert the main attraction this Thanksgiving.