Harry & David Mini Pot Pies are what your belly needs this Thanksgiving season

Harry & David Mini Pot Pies, photo courtesy Harry & David
Harry & David Mini Pot Pies, photo courtesy Harry & David /

Each Thanksgiving season, we welcome back comfort food and warm meals, and now we can add Harry & David’s Mini Pot Pies to our list of fall and winter cravings!

The Thanksgiving season is all about cravings and comfort foods, it’s one of the many reasons we love it. There are soups, hot chocolate, and, of course, turkey! We could go on for a while. Pies are also incredibly popular this time of year, but they can be rather complicated to make. And really, who has the time to prepare food during the holidays?

Most stores have pot pies, sure, but are they all good? Harry & David is one brand you can trust deliver ready-to-bake Mini Pot Pies! They sent over a shipment of four tasty pot pies earlier this month and I put them to the test over the following days.

Here’s what I received: 2 Pork and Ale pot pies and 2 Chicken Cheddar and Hatch Green Chile Pot Pies. Let’s dig in! Read the scoop, below. 

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Harry & David promotes these pies as “perfect as appetizers,” and when I first saw them, I agreed. The size isn’t very “mini,” if you ask me, but they are small, a generous appetizer for sure. After digging into my first pot pie, though, I have to say that these can work as a meal, too! The portion is even more generous than it appears. This is definitely one large appetizer or small meal — your choice, we won’t judge!

That said, these Gourmet Pork and Chicken Mini Pot Pies are worth their $39.99 price tag! You are essentially getting four deliciously satisfying small meals delivered to your door. Or, it is the season of giving, so send them to a loved one!

There’s also the huge benefit of them coming ready-to-bake. Just pop them in the oven to bake and enjoy your home being filled with the delicious aroma of pot pies! Now for the most important factor of all — flavor!

Harry & David Mini Pot Pies are a real treat! For starters, I’ve already mentioned how generously stuffed these pies are. The Pork and Ale include soft pork and veggies in an ale sauce, while the Chicken Cheddar pies have chicken, hatch green chiles, and lots of cheddar cheese all in a creamy sauce. My favorite from the two are the Chicken Cheddar pies. I find them more filling and I loved the creamy sauce and texture.

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These are perfect to bring to the Thanksgiving dinner table or enjoy at home! Find them HERE, they are also available in Chicken Pot Pie Duo and Lobster Pot Pie. What’s your favorite Thanksgiving meal?