Smoothie King has their own pumpkin smoothies and are even taking part in National Pumpkin Day

Photo: Pumpkin Smoothie.. Image Courtesy Smoothie King
Photo: Pumpkin Smoothie.. Image Courtesy Smoothie King /

Fall is the season of the pumpkin, and it’s not just the PSL that we want to indulge with. Thankfully, Smoothie King understands and has some smoothies with pumpkin in mind.

Smoothie King lovers, have no fear, as the pumpkin craze has not passed them by at all. In fact, if you want pumpkin, they have pumpkin!

According to a press release from the company, they make it clear that they are ready for National Pumpkin Day (which we knew nothing about, and falls on Oct. 26) with a number of options for our drinking pleasure. And even if you don’t know what you are in the mood for, no worries, as they can create a number of tasty options, all with pumpkin included.

Among the pumpkin drinks on the menu that you can choose from, Smoothie King is offering the Pumpkin Coffee High Protein smoothie which not only has pumpkin and cold brew coffee, but it also includes almonds, whey protein, and dates. Seriously, if you want a major pick-me-up, this is definitely the smoothie you need and want.

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Another pumpkin option on the menu is the Pumpkin D-Lite smoothie, which is like dessert in a cup. Not only does it have organic pumpkin, but it is also made using vanilla frozen yogurt, protein blend, spices, dates, and nonfat milk. (Can we say yummy?!)

Looking for a more diet friendly option? Then you may want to give the Pumpkin Slim-N-Trim a try. This particular smoothie is made using pumpkin (of course), dates, bananas, a fiber blend enhancer, both protein and spice blends, and two types of vanilla protein. Basically this drink is just as much about delicious flavors as it is being healthy.

And Smoothie King even has something for vegans, as they also have a Pumpkin Vegan smoothie. Again, this drink brings together pumpkin, dates, and bananas, as well as almond milk, a blend of spices, Stevia, Super Grains Enhancer, and even Organic Vegan Protein.

With something for everyone, Smoothie King is definitely the perfect choice for PSL lovers looking for an alternative to their current morning routine. And to celebrate National Pumpkin Day, they are even doing a buy one, get one free deal. Just make sure you have the Healthy Rewards app and maybe even a friend to share with.

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Did you know about all of the pumpkin options on the Smoothie King menu? Will you be taking advantage of their BOGO deal on National Pumpkin Day? Tell us what you think in the comments.