Popeyes: Has the secret chicken recipe been revealed?

A Popeyes restaurant (Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images)
A Popeyes restaurant (Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images) /

Popeyes celebrated the return of their chicken sandwich this weekend! But with long reported wait times and how hectic it is to get one, is it better to make it ourselves at home?

Fast food is our go-to choice for a quick meal for several reasons. For starters, it’s incredibly convenient, we don’t even need leave the car! On the way to work (or on the way home), it couldn’t be easier to stop by a drive-thru lane and pick up a hot (or cold) meal to-go. The price is also fairly reasonable. And, depending on where you go, the food can be delicious! Popeyes, for example, is one of our personal favorites.

The fast food restaurant wowed us all with their chicken sandwich. It went viral. While many tried to dispute that the chicken is better at Chick-fil-A or other fast food joint of their choice, you can’t deny the long lines outside of any Popeyes you drive by. The demand for the sandwich is there and it was too much for the fast food restaurant to handle the first time around.

After rolling back on the popular sandwich to plan out a relaunch, Popeyes returned with the meal on Sunday, Nov. 3 (throwing shade at Chick-fil-A, which doesn’t open on Sundays). Did you rush to get yours? If so, how long did you have to wait? Was it worth it? More importantly, would you still go if you learned how to make one yourself?

Check out the tweet, which has gone viral, below: 

dark. Next. The North Pole has arrived, check out IHOP’s holiday menu!

With well over 100 thousand shares, everyone is carefully watching the video and taking notes! In the short clip, Twitter user @maneatsdragon gives us the “Popeyes chicken sandwich recipe,” or so he claims. I haven’t attempted to re-create it, but commenters are taking it pretty seriously. Some have even commented how good the sandwich is and that it’s very close to Popeyes chicken sandwich.

Have you given this recipe a try? Some are also suggesting we get buns from Popeyes and we’re set! Hey, if it beats the long lines at Popeyes maybe I will be trying this out! Another user took the time to write down all the steps, making it even more simple. Let us know how your turned out.