If it’s Christmas, it must mean Mariah Carey is back in a Pepsico ad

The holidays don’t start until we see Mariah Carey in a Pepsico holiday ad. So, we reviewed the latest one. Does it pass the mistletoe test?

Mariah Carey is the Queen of the Holidays.

Her Christmas themed albums sell like hotcakes, even though they feature the same song set, and she is a natural to star in holiday-themed commercials. Ten years ago (in a simpler time), Carey melted our hearts and got us dancing in full fab to a Pepsi commercial.

She did it again the following year, giving us consumers a reason to part ways with our hard-earned $1.89 (plus tax) for a sip of that 20-ounce bottle of carbonated goodness. In short, the holidays don’t officially begin until Queen Mariah gives us the green light, and this year’s greenlight comes courtesy of Britain’s Walker Crisps.

According to Delish, Pepsico paid Mariah Carey a reported $11 million to star in a series of holiday-themed ads for the company, and the first to be released was for Walker’s holiday-flavored “crisps,” or what we would call it here in America, potato chips.

So, I hunkered down at my local Starbucks, fired up YouTube, and watched the ad so I could review it.

So, does it pass the Mariah Mistletoe test?

Watch the new Mariah Carey Christmas ad below:

Why it certainly does.

The Walkers ad centers on Mariah filming a Christmas ad in Britain, and when she wraps up production, she goes into a monologue about how the holidays are all about giving, all while giving out the most bizarre Christmas gifts. Afterward, she lays her eyes on a bag of Walkers Pigs In Blanket crisps and has to fight for it with a stage elf, until she lays down her powerful five-octave vocals which shut down the production and even cracks a poor guy’s glasses.

That was all it took to get her hands on the crisps.

The ad was funny and top-notch, and 100 percent Mariah. Ladies and gentlemen, the holidays have truly begun.

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What do you think of Mariah Carey’s newest Christmas advertisement? Do you think she is the queen of the holiday season? Are you surprised by how much she made to be the face and voice of the holidays? Tell us what you think in the comments.

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