Starbucks is cheating us on the holiday Frappuccino

The Starbucks famed holiday Frappucino is coming back…to Japan only. Here’s why I feel us American Starbucks lovers are being cheated.

When it comes to the holidays, no chain does it better than Starbucks, and for this year’s edition of the holiday season, the coffee chain did it yet again with their holiday Frappuccino.

Just looking at these drinks will make your mouth water, and you, dear reader, may be wondering when these tasty concoctions will be available at your neighborhood Starbucks. Well, if you live in Japan, it’s already here! If you live anywhere else, especially here in America? Tough luck.

The holiday Frappuccino is only available in Japan, which leaves us American Starbucks lovers asking where our holiday Frappuccino is. Especially when you get a look under-the-lid as to what consists of the holiday Frap.

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According to Delish, the holiday Frappuccino contains sponge cake crumb, candy cane red strawberry sauce, and a sponge cake-flavored base that is topped off with whipped cream and, just to be extra, freeze-dried strawberries. Insert annoyed emoji right here.

That is a type of Starbucks drink that will be an instant hit here in America, but it isn’t even being considered on our side of the Pacific. How so? That’s a question that I, as well as others, are asking. OK, maybe It’s a Japan-only thing? However, so many other great Japanese inventions have made its way to American shores, and have proven to be quite successful.

But, nope, no such luck at Starbucks of America. We haven’t even gotten a holiday menu yet, which is quite weird from Starbucks. Yea, we’re getting an Irish Cream Cold Brew (thanks Candy Hunting on IG!) next month, but no holiday Frappuccino.

I feel as if we’re being cheated out of a classic holiday drink.