Hennessy releases a very special limited edition bottle featuring the art of Felipe Pantone

Photo: Hennessy V.S Collector's Edition by Felipe Pantone.. Image Courtesy Hennessy
Photo: Hennessy V.S Collector's Edition by Felipe Pantone.. Image Courtesy Hennessy /

Remember when Hennessy released their very special cocktail kit and bottles featuring the art of Felipe Pantone? Now, just in time for the holidays, they have a new limited edition bottle with his art for sale.

Over the summer of 2019, Hennessy teamed up with Felipe Pantone to design a very special bottle for their Very Special Limited Edition bottle. And while the bottle was not only a work of art on its own, it was also used as part of a cocktail kit that was created in partnership with A$AP Ferg. But now it seems that they have teamed up with Pantone once more for a Collector’s Edition of the bottle he designed this summer.

This limited variation of his summer 2019 design includes a new bottle design, as well as configurable artwork. According to a press release from Hennessy, they explain that “the carafe stands dressed in white at the center of the artwork, with multi-colored rods surrounding the piece, that can be interchanged to the observer’s desire.”

And if all of that doesn’t make this limited edition bottle a collectors piece, then perhaps the fact that it comes with a price tag of $1,500 will. Considering the fact that you are getting a piece of art designed by Felipe Pantone that is also configurable based on your own ideas, this is definitely the kind of collectible we would want in our own collections (if we had that kind of money of course).

Photo: Hennessy V.S Collector’s Edition by Felipe Pantone.. Image Courtesy Hennessy /

The Hennessy and Felipe Pantone collaboration went on sale as of Nov. 1 and will be available while supplies last. This means that if you have $1,500 and want to get a special piece of art that allows you to get involved in the design, now is your chance.

This bottle will only be available while supplies last through Clos19, a website designed for cocktail lovers of a discerning taste. (Seriously this website seems to have it all, with plenty of high end liquors on offer as well.) But, we think this might be the ultimate gift for Hennessy lovers.

After having seen the original bottle from Hennessy and Felipe Pantone over the summer, I admit that this new bottle has me intrigued. With how beautiful the original art was, it seems like they have taken the Collector’s Edition bottle up to a whole new level. And we are definitely impressed with the idea of art that is configurable based on your own personal preferences.

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What do you think of the new collectors bottle of Hennessy designed by Felipe Pantone? Is this the kind of bottle you would add to your own collection? Tell us what you think in the comments.