Karbach Brewing Co. is as much a place for beer as it is a music spot

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When it comes to unique brewery experiences, Karbach Brewing Co. is definitely one to talk about, especially with their ability to bring together beer and music.

Over the last few years, breweries have gone from being imposing places where beer is brewed and canned (or bottled) and then shipped out to be sold, to places that customers want to visit and enjoy. And one brewery that has certainly stepped up their game in terms of being the perfect place for a night out is Karbach Brewing Co. of Houston, Texas.

Bringing together beer and music might seem like an obvious thing, but at Karbach Brewing, they are taking this marriage to the next step. In fact, it seems that their goal is to create a sense of community by making music a major aspect of their brewery.

For anyone who has followed the Karbach story since its initial days, this marriage of music and beer is not surprising. Not only has it been a major part of their culture since the brewery first opened, but even some of the beers themselves are inspired by music.

Love Street, which is named after Love Street Light Circus and Feel Good Machine, a psychedelic Houston rock club of the 1960s, is just one example of how the brewery shows the love to the world of music. They are also known for offering yearly festivals and concerts that bring music lovers to their doors. Karbach Brewing has even created a number of major events related to music, which include the Love Street Music Fest.

According to David Graham, the brand manager at Karbach Brewing, what inspired their desire to bring beer and music together stems from their own wish to be rock stars. Graham explained, “I think a lot of us at the brewery secretly wish we had been rock stars, but beer was our true calling.  Music and beer go hand in hand and we relish the opportunity to bring them together as often as possible.”

And this makes perfect sense to us. After all, not everyone can be a gifted artist, and not everyone can brew and amazing beer.

When asked about how he felt that the brewery was able to stand out from the crowd by bringing music and beer together, Graham shared that, “Houston has a great music nightlife and our hope is that Karbach provides Houstonians with another place to check out great live music. What started as Love Street Music Fest now has transformed into 6 major music festivals over the course of the year bringing in excellent local, national, and international talent. We love getting people together to enjoy great music and great beer.”

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He also pointed out that many of their beers are inspired by music, even if we are just looking at the names of the different brews. Considering the brewmasters feel that beer is an art on its own, it does make sense that they would be inspired by music to create something that unifies the two forms of art.

When asked about what the brewery has learned from hosting music events and creating a partnership with the music industry in Houston, David Graham said, “One of the things we’ve learned at Karbach is that through music, we’re able to connect with adults of all ages who have different music tastes. We’ve been able to expand our presence and engage new fans who might not have checked out the brewery if it wasn’t for a concert we held, and it’s really cool to see everyone come together under a united love for music.”

All things considered, we love the fact that Karbach Brewing is bringing beer and music together in harmony. After all, music can be considered a universal art form and brewing is definitely a work of art in its own way.

With breweries like Karbach working to create a unique experience for their patrons, it feels like the beer industry of yesterday is getting a much-needed face lift. Not only are these brewing companies creating a sense of community wherever they are, but they are doing it in a way that brings together people of many different backgrounds. And what better partnership could there be than beer and music?

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What do you think of Karbach Brewing bringing together music and beer? Do you appreciate the way different breweries are finding a way to connect with their local communities? Tell us what you think in the comments.