McCafe Donut Sticks at McDonald’s are back…with chocolate!


#McCafeDonutSticks was trending on Twitter all Monday as McDonald’s announced the sweet donut sticks are back, and this time, it comes with a chocolate dipping sauce!

The holiday season is in full swing, and what better way to celebrate and welcome the new cravings than with a sweet treat? McDonald’s has just the thing to help start your mornings: McCafe Donut Sticks.

This sugary dessert was introduced to us earlier this month around Valentine’s Day and, we gotta be honest, we had mixed feelings about them. Initially, we weren’t impressed. These tasted more like a deflated churro than a donut. Simply put, we just didn’t know what to think. But we didn’t put them off forever, we gave these another shot, like a true foodie would.

The second try went by smoother. Knowing what to expect, we enjoyed the sugary treat and didn’t compare it to a churro or a donut. Instead, we treated them like what they were: McCafe Donut Sticks. Needless to say, we couldn’t get enough! Now, McDonald’s is bringing them back and with chocolate dip!

McCafe Donut Sticks should be available at all locations, but check ahead just to be sure! Check out McDonald’s tweet, below:

Next. Tony’s Chocolonely new limited-edition flavors. dark

Some may argue this is way too much sugar to start the day off with. But it’s the holiday season, why can’t we forget about sugar and calories and just enjoy? Will you be going to McDonald’s for some Donut Sticks? Don’t forget to pair it all with coffee! 

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