Caramel Caravan holiday treats are the perfect sweet and minty combo!

Not one to fall behind on the latest trends, Caramel Caravan Co. launches its own holiday treat: Peppermint Caramels!

With the holiday season in full swing, Caramel Caravan Co.  is introducing Peppermint Caramels to their already super sweet lineup. Whether you are into peppermint flavors or not, these caramels are sure to hit the spot and help put you in the holiday spirits! The company sent a few samples my way to share my thoughts with you all, read on.

I was introduced to Caramel Caravan Co. earlier this year and my taste buds fell in love. Before, I didn’t think caramel could me more than a sticky, sweet treat, but the company has truly created something unique here. As I noted in my first review of the candy, what I first noticed and loved about Caramel Caravan Co.’s caramels is their size. It’s perfect. Not bite-size, not jumbo, just right! It’s a very generous portion. Even if it doesn’t appear this way to you at first, trust me when I say one a day of these is enough!

My favorite flavors are Dark Chocolate Sea Salt, Cashew, Coffee, and Dark Chocolate Marshmallow! All three of these are perfect for this season, but now you can also add Peppermint to your holidays.

The Peppermint Caramels include chunks (a nice mix of big and small pieces) of peppermint candy canes. Unless you capture some candy cane chunks in your bite, you’ll only taste caramel, but this is what I enjoy about them. Those who aren’t very much into peppermint treats (myself included) will appreciate the small hint of mint in their caramel. And those who are all about mint can also enjoy each bite.

Photo: Caramel Caravan sweets.. Photo by Sandy Casanova

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Find this new Caramel Caravan flavor online HERE, they make a great gift! Or hey, get them for yourself, we won’t judge!