Cutwater Spirits unveils their new canned Mai Tai

Photo: Bali Hai Tiki Rum Mai Tai.. Image Courtesy Cutwater Spirits
Photo: Bali Hai Tiki Rum Mai Tai.. Image Courtesy Cutwater Spirits /

Even though summer is over and winter is bearing down on us, Cutwater Spirits is looking to keep the warmth alive with their new canned Mai Tai.

When it comes to fantasizing about beach vacations, warm weather, and all things not related to winter and cold, there are a lot of ways to be inspired. But Cutwater Spirits wants to help bring those summer vibes to life without needing to daydream. In order to do this, they have released their very own canned Mai Tai.

So sure, summer is done and the cold weather is upon us (a bit earlier than we expected), but that doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy a cocktail that reminds us of the beach and pool parties. In fact, what better time to enjoy that tropical cocktail than now? Instead of fantasizing about those warm, summer days, you can bring them to life in your home with these Canned Mai Tai cocktails.

In a press release from Cutwater Spirits, they explain that the new Bali Hai Tiki Rum Mai Tai is made using their Bali Hai Tiki Gold Rum, as well as Barrel-Aged Rum. On top of the two types of rum that make up this canned Mai Tai, Cutwater also uses the flavors of coconut and natural pineapple for a true Tiki experience, and then adds in citrus to round out the cocktail.

These new canned Mai Tai cocktails will be available all year and come in 12 ounce cans. And the fact that you can get four packs of these Cutwater cocktails means you can share with a friend, or perhaps enjoy a staycation this winter.

If you want to get your hands on the new Cutwater Spirits canned Mai Tai cocktails, they are expected to arrive in stores, bars, and restaurants by the end of November. And of course, this is also the perfect time to check out some of their other canned cocktails, like the Spicy Bloody Mary and the Vodka Mule.

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What do you think of Cutwater adding canned Mai Tai cocktails to their lineup? Will you be picking up a four pack of these new cocktails? Tell us what you think of this new canned cocktail in the comments.