Twinkies lovers are getting all the best treats and this dessert kit is no exception

Photo: New Hostess Twinkies Fun and Easy Dessert Kit.. Photo by Kimberley Spinney
Photo: New Hostess Twinkies Fun and Easy Dessert Kit.. Photo by Kimberley Spinney /

This year it seems like Hostess is giving Twinkies lovers all the very best treats. And this includes a delicious and easy dessert kit.

Over the years, Duncan Hines has created at least 25 different varieties and flavors of microwaveable dessert kits. Earlier this year, we learned that Hostess was planning to introduce a new dessert kit of their own to the market (and not just one). And recently, they also announced the arrival of Twinkies cereal. Basically, it feels like they are trying to compete in the easy to make dessert arena, and we are totally okay with that.

Maybe it is just us, but it feels like this might just be the year of the Twinkies, as fans of this classic dessert/snack are getting so many different options beyond just the usual box of sponge cake tubes filled with creams. As Bustle reported back when the dessert kit was first announced, Hostess has shoved all of the ingredients you need to make this snack cake at home, but in a way that lets you make a pudding or parfait.

Seriously, this Twinkies dessert kit is kind of a big deal. While it hasn’t been in stores for long, it is already one of our favorite things. Not only does it let you create the flavors of the classic sponge cake treat at home, but you can even make it all your own.

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Think of this pudding as being a deconstructed Twinkie and go from there. Have a little fun, make a dessert for you and a friend or two, and just enjoy this delicious treat.

And if you haven’t tried it yet, now might just be the perfect time. After all, what better way to enjoy holidays and cold weather than with a dessert that features flavors we all know and love?

This may not be the only dessert kit on the market from Hostess, but it is definitely at the top of our list. And the fact that it is “fun and easy” to make just seals the deal for us, especially if we want to make this with other people.

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Have you tried the new Hostess Twinkie dessert kit? If yes, what did you think of it? If no, do you plan to give this kit a try? Tell us what you think in the comments.