Friday favorite: Harry & David Hanukkah Cookie Box 

Who needs Christmas tree cookies when you can enjoy Harry & David’s Hanukkah Cookie Box? It’s this week’s Friday favorite featured treat!

Are you counting down the days until Hanukkah? If so, adding tasty treats always makes any wait more fun. The days go by faster and it gives you something more to look forward to! Even if you don’t have an elaborate plan leading up to Dec. 22, we’ve got the perfect treat to give to a loved one or enjoy for yourself: Harry & David’s Hanukkah Cookie Box.

Guilty Eats has worked with the brand before and we’ve had great experiences. Harry & David continues to step out of the box to create unique flavors and products anyone can enjoy. If you’re searching for a last-minute gift or something tasty this holiday season, here are my thoughts on the Hanukkah Cookie Box that Harry & David sent my way:

Inside the box are 12 bite-size vanilla shortbread cookies topped with light and dark blue sparkles. Now if you have read any of my cookie reviews before, you know I love indulging in shortbread cookies. I love these over buttercream cookies any day! So, needless to say, Harry & David’s Hanukkah Cookie Box was an instant winner when I opened up the beautifully decorated box.

Included are also 6 Hanukkah-decorated cookies. These are bigger than the blue bite-size cookies (large enough to dunk in your milk or coffee, yum!) and their decoration helps the box stand out and adds elegance to the package.

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These are also individually packaged so that their flavor and design don’t get mixed in with the bite-size cookies. Leave it to Harry & David to be so detailed about their products. (Note: In the photos attached to this article, I have already removed the larger cookies from their wrapper.)

Hanukkah Cookie Box,

Harry & David Hanukkah Cookie Box, photo by Sandy Casanova

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This is a fun and tasty treat to include at any Hanukkah gathering you attend to this season, whether you are hosting or not. It’s also a great way to reach out to a loved one who may not live nearby to let them know you are thinking about them. Who doesn’t love receiving cookies?

Find these at Harry & David online, currently priced at $34.99 a box.