Pez releases a 12 days of Christmas advent calendar at Walmart

In honor of the 12 days of Christmas, Pez has released a very special advent calendar of their own that we can snag from Walmart.

Growing up did you ever have an advent calendar to mark off the days until Christmas? Was it a reusable one that maybe had a gift for each day or perhaps a quote? Or were you lucky enough to get an edible advent calendar that featured a piece of candy or other tiny treat when you landed on a new day? If you were a fan of those edible advent calendars then you definitely don’t want to miss out on the new Pez 12 days of Christmas calendar.

While it may not cover all 25 days leading up to Christmas, this Pez advent calendar is perfect for fans of these tiny candy dispensers and the little sweet bites it dispensed. Based on the popular carol, the 12 Days of Christmas, each candy dispenser features one of the gifts mentioned in the song. But it’s not just a dispenser by the way… it is also an ornament that you can hang from your tree!

From the “partridge in the pear tree” to the “nine ladies dancing” every lyric is represented in this unique advent calendar that is available at a Walmart near you.


Photo: PEZ 12 Days of Christmas Ornament Calendar is available for a limited time at Walmart.. Image Courtesy Walmart

And while the Pez dispensers are usually the big draw (and they still are of course), we can’t help but love the flavor of candy that this calendar comes with. Each dispenser comes with a package of Pez candies that are a perfect seasonal flavor. Wondering what the flavor is? It turns out they opted to give sugar cookies the spotlight with their tiny Pez treats for this calendar.

Not only do we love the idea of a Pez advent calendar, but we love the fact that the toy dispensers can also be hung as ornaments in your tree. And the sugar cookie flavor is an added bonus we didn’t know we needed.

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So if you love these collectible candy dispensers, then now is the time to hit up Walmart and snag one of these 12 days of Christmas advent calendars for yourself. Try not to eat all the Pez before it’s time to mark off another day leading up to Christmas (we dare you!).

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