Wrap your presents in Taco Bell-scented paper this holiday season

Looking for something different to do this holiday season? Why not wrap your presents in Taco Bell scented wrapping paper? Check out all the details here!

Picking just the right gift for the special people in your life is hard enough, but then you have to wrap it. Well, this year you can make the wrapping extra special for your Taco Bell-loving family and friends. Amazon is currently selling wrapping paper that smells like the ingredients in a Triple Double CrunchWrap.

For just four Canadian dollars or about three US dollars you can have five sheets of wrapping paper that smell like seasoned beef, nacho cheese sauce, crunchy tortillas, soft tortillas and lettuce, tomato and sour cream (what does lettuce tomato, and sour cream smell like?). If nothing else, this is sure to make the space around your Christmas tree smell interesting and certainly be a conversation starter.

While you may not be able to give your friends a box of tacos for the holidays, you can now wrap up whatever you get them to look like one.

As this is the second year Taco Bell has offered this paper, maybe this is becoming a holiday tradition for you. But you better be quick because the paper is only available from Dec 2 to Dec 22. And according to Yahoo! News, the paper sold out in less than 48 hours last year, so get it while you can!

While I  definitely think this is a weird holiday item, my brother and a couple of my friends are Taco Bell aficionados and would probably lose their minds if they received a gift wrapped with this. And I’m sure they’re not the only ones.

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What do you think of this Taco Bell-scented wrapping paper? Will you be ordering some? Let us know in the comments below!