Epic Gourmet Popcorn : An epic holiday gift that truly pops

Photo: Epic Gourmet Popcorn, Holiday Box.. Image by Sandy Casanova
Photo: Epic Gourmet Popcorn, Holiday Box.. Image by Sandy Casanova /

Need an epic gift this holiday season that truly pops and stands out from the rest? Epic Gourmet Popcorn is what you are looking for!

The growing popcorn retailer has such a large (and oh so delicious) variety of popcorn, that if it has fallen under your radar, you are missing out! Epic Gourmet Popcorn offers over 60 individual flavors that include popcorn classics (such as white cheddar) and wild, unique flavors (like Banana Pudding). And wait until I tell you all about their spicy popcorn, Whoa Mama. I’m saving this review for later, though, because today is all about the holiday season — tasty gifts and fun foodie finds.

If you are already in and feel like Epic Gourmet Popcorn has the perfect gift for you, just wait, because it gets even better! There’s no need to search the site for which popcorn you need (but do look through them all when you have time), they already have a popcorn set ready for you to order: The Holiday Box.

Epic Gourmet Popcorn was kind enough to send me a box and a couple of other flavors to sample for myself. Here are my honest thoughts about the box of goodies!

Priced at $39.95, Epic Gourmet Popcorn’s Holiday Box features a trio of festive, tasty flavors:

  • Epic Holiday Mix
  • Epic Reindeer Chow
  • Epic Holiday Trail Mix
Epic Gourmet Popcorn
Photo: Epic Gourmet Popcorn, Holiday Box.. Image by Sandy Casanova /

The Epic Holiday Mix is white cheddar popcorn and caramel popcorn, classic flavors, sure, but they go perfect together! The caramel popcorn truly compliments white cheddar! It is my favorite of the three.

Epic Reindeer Chow is a celebration of all things sweet! It may be called Epic Reindeer Chow, but I’m betting Buddy the Elf would go crazy over this treat! But my favorite from this trio, is the Epic Holiday Trail Mix.

This one is the perfect Netflix snack! Or, well, your choice of streaming service since there are so many out there now! It’s really a great snack with all the perfect treats: Cheddar cheese popcorn, caramel popcorn (for that sweet/sour balance), and more!

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Find and read more details about Epic Gourmet Popcorn’s Holiday Box, HERE. It’s a winner in our book!