This fried chicken Christmas tree has just won the holidays

A fried chicken Christmas tree? YES! Want to see it for yourself or even take a bite? Here’s what we know.

Below, we share some images of the most lovely thing you will see all holiday season. This restaurant in Toronto, P.G. Clucks Fried Chicken, has put together the most beautiful Christmas tree. This holiday, you don’t need a white tree or a tall and fluffy tree. You don’t even need a real tree. All you need is a fried chicken tree!

P.G. Clucks is inviting everyone to come over to see the tree. So if you want to win Instagram, you gotta check it out! Hurry, we’re not sure how long this tree will be hanging out outside the shop. My guess is, not very long.

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Unfortunately, if you don’t live in the area, you’ll have to miss out. Well, not really. Why not hit up your favorite chicken restaurant and put one together yourself? Don’t forget: For the sake of everyone who tries your fried chicken tree, wash your hands!

Putting a fried chicken Christmas tree together can’t be too difficult. I mean, I’m not the most crafty person, but I imagine all you need it chicken and toothpicks to hold it together? Decorate it with some leftover ornaments, candy canes, ketchup packets, and you’re set!

This is the ultimate gift to anyone who loves fried chicken. So, basically anyone. Happy holidays! 

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