Dallas has a s’mores bar, and this needs to go national ASAP

You can add this to the litany of reasons to be jealous of Dallas: The city now has its own s’mores bar, and it wouldn’t kill them to take it nationally.

We now have a new reason to hate on Dallas: This region now has its own s’mores bar.

Yes, you read that correctly — Its own s’mores bar!

Que my unwavering jealousy.

Called Mallow Box, this new culinary treat in suburban Dallas (Plano) serves up s’mores that will certainly melt in your mouth, and fill it with the youthful joy of an eight-year-old. The person to thank (and secretly be jealous of) for coming up with this concept is Martha Ware, who started Mallow Box as an online store and physical pop-up spot to get gourmet marshmallows.

Then she moved into a storefront at the Willowbend Mall in Plano and expanded Mallow Box for customers to have the ability to create their own s’ mores. These aren’t your normal, Kraft marshmallows either, oh no.

Plano is in Texas, and in this part of the country, big equals everything. The marshmallows at the Mallow Box are huge, Texas-sized marshmallows, and you can select from a variety of different flavors, from chocolate and cream to maple bourbon, which would personally be my favorite.

After you get your marshmallow flavor, you will soon be armed with a selection of toppings only the Food Gods would be able to deliver. Crackers, cookies, coconut shreds, oh my! And that’s just scratching the surface.

Afterward, you’re ready to enjoy your masterpiece, and a trip lurking on Mallow Box’s Instagram page will make your mouth water so much, you’ll be able to provide Las Vegas with water for the next 50-years.

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So the next time you find yourself in Dallas, take a trip to the ‘burbs and get yourself a Texas-sized S’more; and please tell the owner she should take Mallow Box nationally, please?