Underrated Treat: Mallomars are a nostalgic cookie that gives you chocolate and marshmallow

Photo: Nabisco's Mallomars.. Photo by Kimberley Spinney
Photo: Nabisco's Mallomars.. Photo by Kimberley Spinney /

There are a lot of underrated treats on the market. And while you might think Mallomars would be a winner with their combination of chocolate and marshmallow, sadly they remain underrated.

Perhaps what makes Mallomars so special is the fact that they are actually a seasonal treat. Only available from September through March from Nabisco, these cookies feature a mound of marshmallow covered in chocolate that sits on a graham cracker. And while they may seem like a popular cookie based on their limited availability, the reality is that they are a more nostalgic treat that is also rather underrated.

When these cookies were first introduced in 1913, according to NPR, they could only be shipped in cooler months. And since they were sold first to a grocer in New Jersey, it made sense that they would be available from September to March.

However, with the advent of refrigerated trucks, one might think that Mallomars could be made and sold year round. And while this might be true, Nabisco has decided to uphold tradition and stick to their cookie being a seasonal offering.

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This means that not only do Mallomars remain a nostalgic treat, they also remain underrated by many of us. In fact, I know people who have never heard of these delicious cookies. And others still who had no idea that Nabisco still sells them.

For me, however, Mallomars are a tradition. They were one of my grandmother’s favorite treats and we always had to stockpile them for her. In fact, I remember opening her freezer in the summer and finding extra boxes hiding out, waiting to be taken out and enjoyed.

There were always Mallomars in my grandparents’ house, which is probably why these cookies hold a special place in my heart. And at least for me, these cookies have always been the perfect alternative to s’mores, not only are no flames needed, but all the flavors are there to enjoy no matter what time of the year it is.

It’s important to note that Mallomars seem to primarily be sold in the Northeast, which likely contributes to their underrated nature. In fact, it’s been said that approximately 95 percent of the Mallomars sold in the United States are sold in the Northeast, especially New York.

And even though these cookies from Nabisco are manufactured in Canada, they are not actually sold there. Instead, Canadians have their own version of this cookie known as the Whippet.

With a long history and a limited time nature, one would think that Mallomars would get a lot more love. However, unless you are a New Yorker or from a New England state, it seems that these cookies remain an underrated treat that is seriously lacking the respect it deserves.

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Are you a fan of Mallomars? Do you think they are an underrated treat? Or are you someone who has never tried these delicious cookies? Tell us what you think in the comments.