Servant on Apple TV Plus: What does the rotting food symbolize?

Rupert Grint in “Servant,” now streaming on Apple TV+, photo courtesy Apple TV+
Rupert Grint in “Servant,” now streaming on Apple TV+, photo courtesy Apple TV+ /

Servant on Apple TV Plus has always focused a lot on food (and wine), but is there more to it? Could food be a huge clue we’ve been ignoring?

Mystery and puzzling events have surrounded Servant on Apple TV Plus since its premiere. Episode 8, “Boba,” is the most insane and intense episode yet! But even eight episodes in, we are closer to the truth behind what truly happened to Jericho, but remain so much in the dark! What happened and what in the world is going on?

One of the constants on the series has always been food. Yes, Sean is a chef, but his creations and work in the kitchen seems to be a center-focus. So much so, that it can’t be coincidence, can it? Not to mention, the food is often pretty gross. Sure, Sean’s job is to be creative and come up with new foods, but still. Is food a huge clue we have been ignoring?

What I’m getting at, is that Sean’s meals are borderline gory and violent, symbolizing that Jericho’s death was all but peaceful. One Reddit user goes as far as to speculate that baby Jericho was, perhaps, cooked or died in the kitchen. I’m truly hoping this isn’t the case. How mortifying would that be and how did that even happen?! But all this food on the show is getting tough to ignore.

The latest episode features a rotting ham in the kitchen, for example. And in episode 7, Natalie mentions it hasn’t been that long since they all had dinner together. I’m telling you, there is SO much spotlight being shined on food in this series.

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The drinking can easily be explained by the tragedy. After what happened, it’s easy to understand why Sean, Julian, and Dorothy can’t stop drinking. What exactly happened remains to be seen.

There are only two episodes left and so much to wrap up and answer to leave fans with a satisfying conclusion. Don’t hold your breath, though! Apple TV Plus has already renewed Servant for a second season, so we may just get a cliffhanger. For our sake and mental stability, let’s hope not!

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