Chipotle: How to make your meal vegan

Ordering a vegan meal while out with your friends at the restaurant of their choice can be tough! If Chipotle is your next destination, here are some ideas to make your meal vegan (and still delicious).

When it comes to fast food or casual dining at some of the most popular restaurants, you may struggle to order a meal that won’t break your vegan lifestyle. Many places offer great meal options to vegans, such as Burger King’s famous vegan burgers, but that can’t always be the place you go to. It’s nice to switch things up! Here are some great ideas to help make your meal vegan the next time you go to a Chipotle.

The first suggestion is obvious — Chipotle’s sofritas! This is vegan and vegetarian approved. Trying to avoid meat and keep it vegan? Get sofritas! Be sure to avoid Monterey Jack cheese, queso, sour cream and chipotle-honey vinaigrette. Everything else (salsa, chips, rice, beans) is vegetarian and vegan friendly!

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Even though guac on a sofritas bowl will cost you extra, with a veggie bowl, it won’t! Just add guac as one of the additions to your veggie bowl, Bustle shares.

Need more tasty tips? Why not order both kinds of rice and both kinds of beans? That’s right! Instead of white rice and black beans, why not white and brown rice and also black and pinto beans, together. It won’t cost you extra money. You can also add corn salsa to spice things up!

Finally, why not add chips to the bottom of your bowl to create vegan nachos with your favorite vegan-friendly ingredients!

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What’s your favorite vegan meal combo at Chipotle? Share with us in the comments!