Will Taco Bell be the first environmentally-friendly fast food restaurant?

All other fast food restaurants, take note! Taco Bell is making some serious moves to become a completely environmentally-friendly company.

Fast Company is praising Taco Bell for its recent changes towards becoming an environmentally sound company, and we’d like to join! According to the source, the company began movie towards their goal a couple of years back in 2018, when they debuted recyclable cold cups and lids. The fast food company also has a lot more vegetarian options for their guests to select from, but Taco Bell is not stopping there.

The boldest move is here — Taco Bell has pledge to create all its packaging recyclable, compostable, or reusable by 2025!

If this still seems like a long while to you, think again. Making such drastic moves takes time. There’s sampling the products to see which one works best with both the environment and customers, as well as a big launch. Not to mention, I’m sure it’s a costly process that can’t be done overnight. We’re talking bags, spoons, napkins, everything that comes with our order.

Additionally, Taco Bell will install recycling bins in their restaurants. I don’t know about you, but I’m excited! Taco Bell is a massive company, so I’m looking forward to their example inspiring others.

What do you think about the restaurant making these changes by 2025? Do you think any other fast food companies will follow after? 

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