evian launches Fyre Festival bottle in honor of Andy King

Photo: Andy King showcasing the new evian "So Good You'd Do Anything For It" bottle.. Image Courtesy evian
Photo: Andy King showcasing the new evian "So Good You'd Do Anything For It" bottle.. Image Courtesy evian /

In a special tribute to Andy King, evian has launched a very special bottle as of Jan. 17. The Fyre Festival bottle features a special slogan, and is even part of a giveaway.

In honor of Andy King, Fyre Festival, and the one year anniversary of the documentary about the event, evian has released a very special bottle. The Fyre Festival bottle features a special slogan that really honors the fact that King was and is the ultimate “team player.”

According to a press release from evian, the slogan that this limited edition bottle features is “So Good You’d Do Anything For It.” These custom bottles were announced on Andy King’s Instagram page, where he revealed that he is also doing a giveaway of 10 bottles.

And it seems that King is just as excited by this evian launch as the rest of us are. According to him, “One year ago, I shared with the world my willingness to “take one for the team” to bring evian to thirsty festival-goers… and unexpectedly became an internet sensation overnight. On the first anniversary, evian is dropping a special bottle with an all new slogan in honor of my infamous team spirit. As a long-time evian fan — of both the water itself and the brand’s sustainable practices — I could not be more thrilled!”

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We love the fact that this collaboration is here for us. Not only are we getting a reminder about the importance of water, but who wouldn’t want a limited edition bottle of evian. Seriously, this might just be the best bottle of evian we have seen in awhile, and it’s all thanks to Fyre Festival. And why do we say this? Probably because it’s not every day you get a bottle of water inspired by Fyre Festival and Andy King of course.

If you decide you want to try to win one of the bottles King is giving away, check out his Instagram account as it is only happening this weekend, with the winner being announced on Jan. 20.

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What do you think of this special evian bottle? Are you a fan of this collaboration? Tell us what you think in the comments.