KFC’s weird Korean chicken sandwich will either excite you or scare you

KFC’s Korean outlets have launched a new, super weird chicken sandwich that will either have you ultra excited or scared to death.

As soon as you open the link to Delish’s story on KFC Korea’s new chicken sandwich, there it is, in all of is ungodly weird glory.

What you’re looking at is KFC‘s new, bizarre chicken sandwich, the Fall in Cream Cheese Zinger Burger. Now there is zero doubt that this monstrosity of a sandwich is jam-packed with flavor, but it’s the flavor mix that has your friendly neighborhood fast food columnist either excited or scared to death?

To be honest, I’m somewhere in the middle.

I mean, the look of this sandwich made me jump the first time I saw it, and probably the good folks at Delish and Chewboom, the site that caught the first pictures of this weird sandwich, jumped as well. The Fall in Cream Cheese Zinger Burger consists of a spicy fried chicken breast that’s “topped” with spicy sauce and, the main attraction, fried cream cheese balls.

Oh, and there’s a shred of iceberg lettuce to top it all off, just to give the sandwich a hint of healthiness (insert sarcastic jokes here).

Seeing this “thing of a sandwich” for the first time may shock us American fast food eaters, but in hindsight, sandwiches like the Fall in Cream Cheese Zinger Burger are very much common in that part of the world. To them, this isn’t all that unusual as their spark for creativity on the fast food grill borders on legendary.

My question is how do the South Koreans stay so skinny eating fast food items with death-like calories such as this one? Those of us on this side of the world would love to know the Korean’s secret.

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Anyway, the Fall in Cream Cheese Zinger Burger is a “KFC Korea only” sandwich and won’t be making its way to America anytime soon, which has me both relieved and sad at the same time.