DoorDash wants to cover up that awful tattoo of your ex this Valentine’s Day

Tattoos can either help keep a cherished memory close or give you permanent regret. If yours is the latter, DoorDash wants to help!

This Valentine’s Day, all restaurants, coffee shops, brands and just about everyone, is picking up on the holiday theme with special sales and food items. DoorDash, however, is stepping outside the box while also fitting right in. Because they know what you secretly crave this Valentine’s Day, and that’s to get rid of that tattoo of your ex you have in your arm.

Tattoos are forever, guys! And as in love as you may be, printing your lover’s name in permanent ink anywhere on your body is a bad idea. In fact, according to DoorDash, over 63% of American have tattoos they regret from past relationships. Those are not good odds. If you have been considering getting a tattoo of a heart with the name of your significant other…DON’T.

Is it too late? Do you already have a tattoo you regret? DoorDash wants to help cover this awful tattoo with something you’ll love forever, guaranteed! No, not your pet (we know that’s forever, though), but food!

On Feb. 3, just before Valentine’s Day so you can get a fresh start in love, DoorDash will fly out  three lucky winners to cover up their ex’s names with a tattoo of their favorite food. This will be done by famed tattoo artist, Mister Cartoon in Los Angeles. Mister Cartoon has inked Beyonce, Travis Scott, Justin Timberlake, and Snoop Dogg. So trust DoorDash, you are in good hands.

What do you need to do? Glad you asked! To enter, now through Jan. 31, post a photo of your ex tattoo on Instagram or Twitter using the hashtag “#FoodIsForever” and be sure to tag @DoorDash. That’s it! Tweet it, post it, share it, do all you can to get DoorDash’s attention.

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What would you get to replace your ex’s name? A pizza seems to be the most popular choice. Mister Cartoon has created custom sketches for this partnership with DoorDash of sushi, burgers, and tacos. Needless to say, he is ready to help out!

MORE: Don’t have an ex tattoo? DoorDash still wants to spread the love! The first 100 people who post a photo of their food tattoos with #FoodIsForever and tag DoorDash, will receive a complimentary $25 credit. Good luck!