These Mini Lemon Crisp Kit Kat Bars are giving us happy spring vibes!

Spring may not be here yet, but that shouldn’t keep you from enjoying a sweet and fresh treat! Lemon Crisp Kit Kat Bars are now available for you to love.

Ignore the winter and send your taste buds on a fun lemon-fresh ride with Lemon Crisp Kit Kat Bars! These are fun, bright and offer a refreshing flavor that’ll be giving you some serious spring vibes. So whether you are SO over the winter season or feel up for trying a fun twist to an old favorite chocolate bar, these must-have treats!

These new bars are bite-size. The package is adorable and mini, zesty, yet sweet. Their size makes them convenient to give out as treats to kids (because giving them a full-size Kit Kat bar may be a sugar overload!).

Surprise your kid with one of these in their lunch box or purchase a bag for your child’s class this Valentine’s Day. Because sure, most treats this holiday will be red and pink, but why not stand out with a bright yellow color?

Kit Kat

Photo: New Lemon Crisp Kit Kats.. Image by Sandy Casanova

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The Mini Lemon Crisp Kit Kat Bars will also be perfect for when spring finally arrives (is this the longest winter, or what?), not to mention, great Easter treats! Again, I love their mini size! They can fit perfectly inside Easter eggs.

Curious about the taste? They remind me of lemon cake! So imagine lemon cake with the crunch of Kit Kat’s iconic crispy wafer! Yes, they are delicious!

Of all the Kit Kat flavors the brand has released over the years, which one has been your favorite? I think I still have a soft spot in my taste buds for the original, classic flavor, but I do love the recently released Kit Kat Raspberry + Creme Miniatures!

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Get the Lemon Crisp flavor while you can! They are available nationwide for a limited time in 7.5 and 9 oz. bags at a suggested retail price of $3.49 per bag.