Starbucks continues to deliver fresh at-home innovations for their fans in 2020

Starbucks Cold Brew Concentrate, photo provided by Starbucks,
Starbucks Cold Brew Concentrate, photo provided by Starbucks, /

Coffee fans continue to be gifted with fresh innovations in 2020 thanks to Starbucks, and now that February is here, we have some new things to look for in local grocery stores.

Now that February has started, it is time to go grocery shopping, especially if you are a Starbucks lover. And while this might seem like a weird thing to say, just hear us out.

Over the last few years, Starbucks has proven that even if you can’t hit up one of their coffee shops, you can still enjoy delicious coffee products in the comfort of your home. Their at-home innovations continue to deliver on their commitment to freshness and flavor, while also making it easier than ever for us to get our caffeine fixes.

And in 2020, Starbucks is continuing to deliver when it comes to being innovative. According to a press release from the company, February is the month to shop if you want to try some of the newest additions to the at-home lineup of products they plan to offer.

Photo: Starbucks Innovations.. Image Courtesy Starbucks /

Up first, we have to talk about their new Cold Brew Coffee Concentrate. Even in the comfort of your home, you can enjoy an amazing glass of cold brew. All you need is the concentrate, ice, and water and you are good to go. Seriously, this is making it easier than ever to enjoy a perfect cup of iced coffee at home.

Next we have the Starbucks Fresh Brew, which is “pre-portioned airtight packaging,” that is brand new to the market. The company believes that this will make it easier than ever to get a fresh flavor every time you brew up a cup of coffee. (Seriously, I love this packaging as it is actually super cute.)

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Finally, we have to point out that they are also going for a more health-beneficial approach to coffee with their new line of products as well. We are talking about their new Coffee with Essential Vitamins, Coffee with Golden Turmeric, and even Coffee with 2X the Caffeine. Basically they want you to have it all in each cup you pour.

From extra caffeine to essential vitamins, these are going to be your new favorite coffees. And of course, you will still get the amazing flavors you expect from Starbucks in every sip.

For me, the arrival of the Cold Brew Concentrate is the best gift they could have given us in 2020 (at least for now). As a recent convert to the joy of Starbucks Cold Brews, I am excited to snag a bottle of this and make it my own. (Luckily I have vanilla syrup at home to make that happen.) And the fact that it will likely save me a bit of money every week is also a nice bonus.

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Are you excited to snag these new Starbucks at-home products? Which one are you most looking forward to trying? Tell us what you think in the comments.